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CASSANDRA LEWIS: Film And Television Actress/Owner Of Cassandra’s Closet. MISSION: LET'S KEEP IT BEAUTIFUL MAMAS!! One stop shopping for new moms, and us older ones too! Stretch mark cream, waist trimming belly wraps, custom baby bundle baskets, hand crafted baby products... HEALTH, BEAUTY, RESTORATION, RENEWAL and VIBRANCE for all women, especially "US MAMAS!" Cassandra Lewis is a model, actress, singer, dancer and owner of Cassandra’s Closet: a company specializing in accessories and apparel for children and beauty products for new mothers. Whether on stage, television, in film, or helping one of her many customers, Cassandra brings dedication and passion to everything she touches. She has appeared as a lead and principal in both film and television. Some of her credits include NYPD BLUE, DIAGNOSIS MURDER,Bahama Hustle, BARBER SHOP, QUAKE, A MAN APART and ROLL BOUNCE. Cassandra traveled as a principle dancer in the Theater Production of BEAUTY SHOP with Shelly Garret Entertainment, as well as, singing backup for Levi Seacer Jr.(formerly of NEW POWER GENERATION). During her many travels domestically and internationally, MS Lewis has gained a plethora of knowledge related to beauty from testing products, interviewing manufacturers and professionals, and experiencing the beauty secrets of women from all over the world. She has taken that knowledge and incorporated it into every product sold at Cassandra’s closet. She says, “ I started Cassandra’s Closet in an effort to feed the soul, mind, spirit and body of everyone who may need to revitalize themselves. It is my mission and that of Cassandra’s Closet to restore, renew and rebuild". Cassandra says her greatest accomplishment is being a mother, role model and example to her two lovely daughters.